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We are a multi-disciplinary digital media company specializing in video production and social media content creation. Combining professional backgrounds from corporate video production, narrative filmmaking, photography, graphic design, and music composition, our diverse team excels in navigating the multi-faceted and rapidly-evolving demands for creating impactful and meaningful content in the digital age.


Kesava Geeta Kumar

Founder and Artistic Director


Kesava is an award-winning filmmaker and music composer. His films have received international accolades, including special recognition from TIFF and "Best Feature Film" at the Asha International Film Festival after competing with more than 2,000 international films and special recognition from festivals around the world, in addition to being welcomed to housefull shows around the world. Additionally, he has provided content and services for companies such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, Adobe, MediaSharp Inc., and various media conglomerates. As a music composer, from feature films to advertisements, his scores have received critical acclaim and distribution in all contemporary music platforms. His extensive experience in media management and founding successful media groups in Toronto has fueled his vision of laying a substratum for innovative art and design for the future.   

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Michael McAsey

Head of Technical Operations


Since 2014 Michael has done a variety of photography and videography work for many diverse companies and non-profits, including Saudi Arabian Airlines, Allam Advisory Group, Lloyd's Insurance, The Canadian Arab Business Council, Somai Hope Foundation, and Muti-Faith Housing Initiative, to name a few. Specializing in cinematography and post-production, his focus lies in creating a product that is not only polished, clean, professional, but powerful enough to stand out amidst the heavily-saturated media landscape of contemporary times

Additional examples of photography work can be seen at michaelmcasey.com

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Theodore Fu

Head of Communication & Design


A Jack of many trades, carrying an arsenal of visual art and marketing skills, Theodore has worked with connecting people to different organizations through his content creation.  Noteworthy was his role as a public relations correspondent at Blackdown CTC in Borden, specifically doing photography work and coordinating social media.


Theodore continues to open his services to the public, and is currently studying Fashion Design at Ryerson University. Theodore focuses on creating content he is passionate about and ones that can hopefully pave the way for innovation for artists & designers everywhere.


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